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Excited Deals is a Slack community made up of avid deal-hunters that get excited about searching and sharing new deals.

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About Excited Deals

We aren't "professional" re-sellers or lurkers – in fact, we discourage those!

We are informed consumers that get excited about hunting the latest deals on TVs, drones, game consoles, flights, and more. We discuss and share deals, tips, and price-matching methods in real time.

Excited Deals was born out of the need for a more privatized, real-time deal-sharing community that couldn't be spoiled by people that clean out an entire store's inventory or great deals copied and pasted a million times around the web. Join Excited Deals and get first run access to some of the hottest daily deals.


"I ordered a DSLR I had on my wishlist for hundreds less -- way before it was posted on a big deal site and was ruined. Win/Win." -- Luke P.

"Finally, a group of real people that aren't begging each other for fifteen pages straight about getting an extra $5 off coupon!" -- Karen S.

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Excited Deals is a community full of incredible features!

Hundreds of premium quality members, each with years (or decades) of deal-hunting experience.10+ Channels dedicated to the most exciting deals of the moments, price mistakes, travel deals, price protection screenshots, and more24/7 Request channel to crowdsource pricing information from resources like Brickseek Premium and our user-generated custom scripts.Fully integrated Wiki to post deals and share them natively within Slack.

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$199 A Year

Premium access to the Excited Deals community allows us to keep high-quality members with excellent engagement, support our Slack membership, maintain a dedicated members-only Wiki, and develop integrated price-checking bots -- available to all and built right into the platform (coming soon).

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